Cardboard Postal Boxes and Mailing Boxes

We have already talked about the thickness of custom mailer boxes that can be adjusted to make it an exact fir for any product. It has different processes like coating, adhesive, treatment and it can also become protected from the flame.
This impressive line of mailboxes features multiple layers of protective cardboard on each side, as well as reinforced edges and controls for impact-resistant protection. Cardboard Postal Boxes and Mailing Boxes are recognized as a market leader and are used by millions of book wholesalers, satisfaction houses, and e-commerce workers across Europe. We are proud to be one of only three UK companies offering these high-quality products!
Dedicated shipping boxes provide reliable protection for all inventory levels and protect goods during transport, handling, and long-distance transportation. Corrugated cardboard can be modified in thickness and size according to the desired number of layers. In addition, corrugated cardboard wicks moisture away from products, which is mainly important for products that require long-term transportation.
Custom Shipping Boxes Corrugated shipping boxes, packed and unwrapped to order. They are folded into two different designs and assembled flat. This is one of the best materials we use.
The indestructible drawers fold at the back and have a second internal bottom. The sides of the side pulley box are folded straight from below.
Both sides are folded in 2-3 layers of thick sides. The proportions are slanted to accentuate the style. Everything is cut with precise angles and more accurate measurements and shot without tape. All dimensions are internal, the last dimension is depth.

Custom Mailer Boxes Cost-Effective and Sustainable

Custom mailer boxes not only confined to customization or protection. In fact, it also assists to get you the best cost-effective and sustainable product in packaging to pack your products.


Length is the largest dimension of the opening into the box width is the smallest dimension of the opening into the box. Depth is the distance into the box from the place of the opening to the bottom of the box.

Benefits of Corrugated Material

·         Custom Mailer Boxes Protective
·         Custom Mailer Boxes Extremely Customizable
·         Custom Mailer Boxes Cost-Effective and Sustainable